What’s behind the ratings in the World Series?

The 2017 Major League Baseball Season ended with the last game of the World Series on November 1. The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers were not the only competition in town, however. The other big game was the National Football League’s NFL Sunday game between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The… Continue reading What’s behind the ratings in the World Series?


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What ideologies do the gubernatorial candidates have?

As I noted in the previous blog post, this past gubernatorial election was a victory for the establishment wings of the Democratic and Republican parties. Democrat nominee Ralph Northam and his GOP counterpart Ed Gillespie are both closer to the ideological center than the more populist wings of their parties would like. However, there is… Continue reading What ideologies do the gubernatorial candidates have?

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Race and politics take over Blackwell

This article originally appeared in the Rotunda on 2/19/17. An archive is here. Students attended Longwood’s annual Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit on Saturday The summit, centered around race and politics, hosted keynote speakers Erica Wallace of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and Ariel Cochrane-Brown of Georgia State University. Both are pursuing… Continue reading Race and politics take over Blackwell

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Moton Museum continues screening civil rights films

Last Friday, the Moton Museum held a screening of “All the Way,” an HBO movie depicting the first term of former President Lyndon B. Johnson (actor Bryan Cranston) after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The movie focuses heavily on Johnson’s history with civil rights legislation and his complications with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (actor Anthony Mackie).

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Haunted Hospital raises hairs

This past Halloween weekend, Longwood’s Student Nursing Association (SNA) hosted their annual Haunted Hospital on the second floor of Stevens Hall. The hospital featured a dimly lit maze populated with nursing students and their victims. Some aspects left people who attended the maze with a chilling, goosebumps inducing, hair-raising experience.

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Lip Sync brings back the 90’s

Do you ever dance to throwback songs with friends for fun? Well, some dance to them for friendly competition. The annual Lip Sync hosted by Longwood University’s Greek life organizations was held on Nov. 9 in Jarman Auditorium. Lip Sync is a talent show where Longwood’s fraternities and sororities dance to a montage of different songs while mouthing the lyrics of each song.

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Waterworks Players mix comedy and sadness with “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”

The local Waterworks Players theater company opened its performance of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” on Friday, Oct. 14. The two and a half hour show follows the lives of two adult shut-in siblings, Vanya played as by Ed Kinman and Sonia played by Martha Womack.

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The Farmville Regional Airport gets lit

This article originally appeared in The Rotunda (archived). Photos by Miriam Loya, Assistant Arts and Entertainment Editor. Town of Farmville hosts “End of the Summer Labor Day Fireworks Event” With the school year now in full swing, Farmville has tried something new and enjoyable for people of all ages: an end of summer celebration. The “Labor Day… Continue reading The Farmville Regional Airport gets lit

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You’re here, now how do you meet people?

This article originally appeared in The Rotunda (archive) To some, leaving the comfort of high school and coming to a university can be daunting. You have left everyone behind to come to Longwood and have to make entirely new friends. It is a process I had to go through myself twice. After leaving my close-knit high school… Continue reading You’re here, now how do you meet people?

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Four Deep Journal #2

Four weeks of working at Four Deep Multimedia as a social media specialist have brought new challenges and learning opportunities. On Monday the 20th, I gave a short presentation in which I laid out my ideas for the company’s social media strategy. These focused around creating an engaging social media presence that would encourage users… Continue reading Four Deep Journal #2