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SEALS in Space – Star Wars: Republic Commando

Here is a video I have been working on for a while, and I’m glad to finally show it off!

This video is a project I worked on for the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. For this video I was allowed to select a topic of my choice. You can find the Cooper Center’s work here: https://coopercenter.org/

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Four Deep Journal #6: Communication Theories

Throughout the several weeks that I have spent at Four Deep Multimedia, I have learned many different lessons, and quite a few of these have involved how my studies that I learned in school translate into the workplace. In my last blog post, I wrote about the classes that I have taken which helped me in the internship. For this post, I will write about the two communication theories that were at play during this internship: social information processing theory and functional perspective on group decision making.

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Four Deep Journal #5: The Classes That Helped Me

Throughout my time working as a social media specialist intern at Four Deep Multimedia, I have found that many of my classes from Longwood University, as well as other schools, have helped me to succeed in this position. However, the classes from Longwood that I feel have helped me the most are Introduction to Communication… Continue reading Four Deep Journal #5: The Classes That Helped Me

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Four Deep Journal #2

Four weeks of working at Four Deep Multimedia as a social media specialist have brought new challenges and learning opportunities. On Monday the 20th, I gave a short presentation in which I laid out my ideas for the company’s social media strategy. These focused around creating an engaging social media presence that would encourage users… Continue reading Four Deep Journal #2

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3 Things I Found Interesting from #E32016

Another Electronic Entertainment Expo ( or “E3“) has come and gone. The annual video game trade conference presents a good Two of the most interesting things at E3, in my opinion, happened before the conference. Electronic Arts announced that it would not be at E3, and would instead host its own event, “EA Play.” There has always… Continue reading 3 Things I Found Interesting from #E32016