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Yoga instructor brings expertise to Waynesboro

This article originally appeared in The News Virginian on December 17, 2018.

Blue Moon Yoga has gone through several stages in its day, often in the form of name changes. However, it is now undergoing a new change: a new instructor is joining the yoga studio.

Shri Hamilton-Hubbard previously owned a yoga studio in Jacksonville, Fla. for about 20 years, but she decided to move to Waynesboro in order to be closer to her family.

“My family is here, my parents are,” said Hamilton-Hubbard. “One is now almost 90, one’s almost 80. So it’s about time to come home. And I have a lot of brothers and sisters in the area; so it was time to come home, and I missed the mountains.”

Currently, Blue Moon Yoga offers several different kinds of classes. There’s “gentle yoga,” which is intended for beginners. Another is a class designed with first responders in mind. Hamilton-Hubbard’s class, however, is different. Her class will be called “Yoga for Life.”

“So it’s kind of not too hard, not too easy,” she said. “And it’s the kind of yoga that somebody can practice their whole life.”

Hamilton-Hubbard compared “Yoga for Life” to jogging a few times each week, which is really good for promoting one’s health in a safe, sustainable way.

“There’s a lot of yoga out there that’s like running a marathon versus jogging two to three times a week,” Hamilton-Hubbard said. “Running a marathon is good for pushing the limits of body and mind, but you’re guaranteed to get injured if you run marathons a lot.”

Not only can students practice yoga their entire lives, but it is also something that’s open to many different kinds of people. For example, one of the classes at Blue Moon Yoga is intended for the blind.

“We have a huge deaf community right here, because of the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind,” said Shelton Sprouse, the owner of and an instructor at Blue Moon Yoga.

The class is called “Chai Fusion,” because it blends yoga and tai chi, a Chinese traditional martial art. Sprouse said that all of the students in this class live in Charlottesville, and commute together on a bus ride to the yoga studio. They are driven by Deana Desjardins, who also teaches the class.

“We are so blinded by so much noise, particularly in our society,” Sprouse said. “It’s so cliché to say, but we really don’t stop and smell the roses.”


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