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REO Logistics will begin layoffs in January

This article originally appeared in The News Virginian on December 20, 2018.

REO Logistics’ distribution center in Waynesboro will lay off up to 70 of its workers between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15, according to a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification notice dated Nov. 16.

The News Virginian reached out to REO Logistics by phone Thursday, but no one was willing to comment.

The notice, written by the facility’s Chief Human Resources Officer Sue Krzastek, describes this event as a “mass layoff” and “the majority of employees located at this facility have been impacted by this layoff.”

According to the WARN notice, Krzastek attributed the mass layoff to the company losing a contract with one of their major customers.

“Possibly up to 70 people will be laid off sometime in January or February,” said Gregory Hitchin, the director of Waynesboro’s Office of Economic Development. “And so they’re in the process of working their way through all that.”

Layoffs are not a frequent occurrence in Waynesboro, Hitchin said. The area has not seen a large number of layoffs since 2008, which was before he was hired in 2010.

“I think in the last eight years, we maybe had two of these,” he said. “Very infrequent; I get a mass layoff if it’s 50 people or more or so.”

REO Logistics, located at 1 Solutions Way, is hosting a job fair in January or February to “help place the displaced workers,” Hitchin said.


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