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COMM 492 Journal #4

My work in this internship at RVA Magazine has largely been influenced by many of my studies at Longwood. However, I have found that in my work I primarily draw on the lessons that I learned in my media and society, American government and politics and introduction to media writing classes.

I took my media and society class this past semester, and it sparked an interest in me as far as societal power dynamics. RVA Magazine also owns the website GayRVA, and some of my articles are published there. So this means that LGBTQ identity issues are just one example of something that needs to be thought about when I write articles for this internship. I also am writing articles about marijuana decriminalization and gang related crime in Richmond. Both of these can easily cross into social issues, and this is important to keep in mind.

Many of my articles so far have revolved around political and historical issues in Virginia, such as the article on Prohibition exhibit, the report card for gubernatorial candidates from the Marijuana Policy Project and so on. I credit my understanding of political science to my American government and politics class with Dr. Harbor, which gave me a grasp of the fundamentals of serious political understanding. The weekly essays also taught me how to write an assignment well and on a tight schedule.

Lastly, the introduction to media writing class that I took in the second half of my sophomore year was greatly helpful in teaching me the key building blocks of journalistic writing. The lessons that I learned about AP Style, such as when to spell out a number instead of using to the numeral itself, are little things that provide a great deal of help to me on a daily basis at this internship.


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