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COMM 492 Journal #3

Since my last journal entry, I have a learned a lot about how to manage my time and balance the responsibilities that come with my internship. I now have much more experience in researching article topics, arranging interviews, transcribing those interviews into scripts, and then writing articles based on these scripts. Recently, I have also been given permission to add these articles myself to the website in order to be approved by a supervisor.

Some of the challenges that I have had to deal with in this position are coordinating meetings with interview subjects. Often, my supervisors will give me an assignment and I will have to interview someone over the phone on that same day. There are other businesses in our building, so I have to get permission to record an interview in a specific room beforehand. This is often a difficult task because I do not always know when people will return my phone calls. So planning is a problem at this internship. Also, the ribbon cable connecting my laptop’s motherboard to the screen is dying, so the screen has a heavy pink shade that hurts my eyes, and images get burnt into the screen very easily. I’ve started to borrow my sister’s Chromebook when I go to the office, and I have an external monitor at home. The Chromebook come with its own issues when transferring files back to the laptop, but these are manageable problems.

I think that these experiences will help me in the future and farther down my career path by teaching me how to work around obstacles. The problems with setting up interviews have taught me that it is sometimes better to interview people over the phone back at my house, or to arrange the interview for the next day. The failing ribbon cable taught me about being resourceful by finding substitutes for the equipment that I need.



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