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We’re back with another edition of missed connections from River City. This week, we have the usual thirst, along with some moderate foot interest. A change is in the appearance of posts about longing for what could have been. The Ghost of Relationships Past begins to haunt Richmonders as they ponder their relationship blunders. Read on for this week’s missed connections.

Henrico Police Officer – m4m (Glen Allen)

You were one of the officers who came out to a neighborhood off of Brook Rd across from the State Police station. You were slim, blond, green or blue eyes I think, and maybe in your late 20s or early 30s. Thanks to you and your fellow officers for taking care of the situation. If you are that officer, let me know what street you came to and for what call type.

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Pink Toenails at Wawa…Hull & Courthouse – m4w (Midlothian)

I was getting coffee this morning and noticed your bright pink toenails. They were eye catching…I must also say that the feet and legs attached to them were nice as well. I was wearing a hat…but you probably didn't notice me. If you see this…HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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HOT Latino pizza guy – m4m

OMG the hottest Latino guy just delivered my pizza in Bon Air. Wish he could have come with the pizza!!

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Seeking Beautiful Petite Black Queen- Greek Festival – m4w (Greek Festival)

I was behind you in line with my family. You were standing in front with a Red top and Blue Jeans. Your toe nails were painted light green. You had on sun glasses. I was behind you when it was time to pay for the food. I wanted to say something to you but I was afraid. I would love to know who are You? Please contact me. I would love to have a Great Friend. Tell me what I had on so that I know it is You

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Kings Dominion – Saturday June 3rd – w4m (KingsDominion)


First time posting here! I was waiting to get on a ride and noticed you kept looking at me! You are dark and handsome. You were with your daughter (she is very pretty. Almost as tall as you. She might be in middle school or high school). The line was long and the whole time you were looking at me. After the ride I saw you again; you were buying or looking at the pictures and you laughed when I reacted when I saw mine. I definitely felt a connection. I’m Latina with long straight hair.

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Carytown Kroger checkout – m4m

Craigslist is literally the sketchiest place ever but where else is there to go? We made eyes in the checkout line around 11:30am today. You were a handsome, bearded professional-looking guy in a checkered shirt. You may have been interested? I definitely was and smiled at you. Reply with a description of me and maybe we can go on a date sometime!

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Dude I totally miss you, all the time – m4w

I knew it was going to be rough and it was. A months has gone by and yet everyday I think about the times you made me laugh and drove me crazy. I tried to do what I thought was best but I’ll always regret not telling you how I really felt, I figured you knew. Hoping we’ll meet again at a better time, when I could have a chance to be yours.

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Ashley, please come back – m4w (Rva)

We spent a good amount of time together, and never did I expect you to leave me once we got where we wanted to be in life. Yes, it took a lot longer than we both expected but we spent a good amount of time building a relationship and a home together all for you to drop it on a dine when he got out of prison. I don’t know what you see in him that I don't have. You were not only my soulmate but my best friend. I took everything you did for granted and never realized what I had until you were gone. You seem much happier in pictures online but I can’t help to shake that look off your face when I saw you at river rock. It was the same face of dissapointment you had with me, you have with him. I know this because I know you. I promise you, I’ll do it right this next time around. You told me you’d never leave me and that we would be together forever. You promised me you’d never leave me for someone else. Six years was a long time to dedicate to our relationship and I just want it all back. You, your family, your parents. Our life together, like it once was.

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I Miss You So Much It Hurts – w4m

Dear Josh,

You were my first true love. I remember the moment I saw you that I wanted to be with you. Every time we we met up for lunch in the fan. Every time we had picnics in the park. Every time we got drunk downtown. Every time I spent the night in your bedroom. Every time I held you in my arms. Every time you held me in yours. Every time you called me gorgeous. Every time you laughed at my bad jokes. Every time we made love. Every time we watched movies during rainy days. Every time we went shopping. Every time we rode in the car. Every time we sang karaoke. Every time we house sat. Every time we went to museums. Every time we went to the theatre. Every time we caved into late night fast food cravings. Every time you told me you loved me. I loved you. I still love you. It’s been two years and I wish I could go back to the day I met you on fourth of July and relive each and every moment together. I was so mad when you left that I didn’t realize how much you meant to me when you tried to come back. I miss you. I wish when my phone rings it’s you. I wish when I get a notification, it’s you. I want you in my life but I know you are better without me. I wish I was the woman you deserved and I wish when I had you I knew what I know now. I can’t get anyone to love me because I am trash. I peaked and now I have fallen. Oh if I could be that girl with the unknown future and took the path of building one with you. I wish I still had that body and that smile and that beautiful skin. I wish I wasn’t robbed of my beauty from the drugs and alcohol that I used to bring value to my pathetic existence. I wish I showered you with the money I had that I blew on sin and materialistic crap. I wish I could find someone to give me the love you brought to me. I hope you read this and you reach out and we can try again. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says Josh I would do ANYTHING to have what we had. I would sell everything, I would give up my trust fund, I would cut off my arm- all for your love. I don’t know if you found someone or if you feel the same or if you don’t care. But know that you will be mine in my heart.

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