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COMM 492 Internship Journal Entry #1

Recently, I started my new internship at RVA Magazine, and it is going pretty well so far. On paper, it is referred to as an “editorial internship.” However, several of my articles that I’ve written so far have basically been news stories, without much of any editorial input. So I will have to see if I will be writing more opinionated content in the future, but I expect that I will.

Through my time at Longwood, I have already gained experience in several skillsets that I believe will be of use in this internship. For example, I have learned writing skills at the Rotunda that I have used when I need to be efficient and turn in writing before a deadline. The Rotunda has also taught me how to interview subjects in order to get soundbites for my articles. Lastly, writing for the Rotunda (as well as my academic career) have taught me how to research to find background information for my articles. One of my articles was about the Marijuana Policy Project’s scorecard on the Virginia gubernatorial candidates’ marijuana policies. To determine the likelihood that significant marijuana reform would be able to pass, I used the legislative archives at the Virginia Public Access Project to look at previous bills on the subject. I also used the financial reports from the Center for Responsive Politics to see what candidates MPP has donated to in the past.

Though I have gained many skills prior to starting this internship, I still feel that there are improvements that I can make. The primary one of these is my time management, something I often struggle with. I need to learn better skills for balancing my various responsibilities. I also need to learn to ask for help when I need it, such as asking to clarify a deadline.

I am excited to see what the next two weeks bring, as I look forward to expanding my skills and improving those I already have.


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