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Haunted Hospital raises hairs

Nurses use medically accurate scares in Stevens

This article originally appeared in The Rotunda, archived here. Photos by Amanda Phillips, Rotunda photography staff.

This past Halloween weekend, Longwood’s Student Nursing Association (SNA) hosted their annual Haunted Hospital on the second floor of Stevens Hall. The hospital featured a dimly lit maze populated with nursing students and their victims. Some aspects left people who attended the maze with a chilling, goosebumps inducing, hair-raising experience.

Mariah Johnson, a senior nursing major and the SNA president, explained, that the haunted hospital used to be on the third floor, but it was moved to the second floor this year because of safety and financial concerns.

“The first year, we actually did the hospital in our third floor simulation lab, which was really awesome and great, but we have millions of dollars’ worth of mannequins and machinery. Things that were donated to the department from various donors and we just didn’t want that to be messed up” said Johnson.

Senior nursing major, Hannah Throckmorton, is a chair member on the Haunted Hospital committee and was in charge of the decorations throughout the hospital. This year marked her first year being a part of the event therefore, some parts of the job had been challenging.

Johnson said, “Pinterest is definitely a great place where we find some of our ideas (for the hospital).”

The Haunted Hospital featured a diverse cast of characters, who were divided into patients and hospital staff. Usually the haunted hospital has a plot. This year’s story was centered around a hospital that was infected with an airborne virus after a patient arrived. Only one staff member was not infected, and remained secluded in her office as she desperately tried to find a cure.

Johnson explained the committee members were, “instrumental in putting on the haunted hospital.”

All of the proceeds of the Haunted Hospital were split between the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Richmond and Relay for Life.


3 thoughts on “Haunted Hospital raises hairs

  1. Haha-i think it was a joke that the RAs played on us, I saw the pictures on your page and it was nothing like that, it was in the attic of Tabb, I lived in s. Ruffner- and there were like stirrups and medical equipment…They said they used to use those when it was an all girl’s school(Hampden Sydney was just down the road) ask about it!


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