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Lancer Productions holds first bingo night of the year

This artcile originally appeared in The Rotunda (archived)

The tense silence of the crowd is loud as they wait for their magic number to be called. Players are so close to winning they can literally taste the victory, only for someone to snatch it away as the victor jumps and screams in triumph screaming the magic word: BINGO!

That’s the kind of excitement that happened at Lancer Production’s Welcome Back Bingo on Saturday night. The event is known for drawing an impressive crowd, particularly in recent years and did so again. With prizes ranging from the necessary toilet paper and laundry supplies and the ultimate movie night combos with popcorn and films like Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Deadpool,” to the coveted Kreurig coffee machine, Longwood students were excited shout the magic five-lettered word.

Welcome Back Bingo is the project of Caroline Crane, the Late Night Director of Lancer Productions. She is a junior and has been a member of Lancer Productions since the end of her freshman year. This is her second time running the fall bingo games.

“It’s a tradition. We usually try to do it every semester,” Crane said.

Though, Lancer Productions has been putting this event on for years.

Crane’s favorite part of the bingo festivities is “shamelessly promoting Lancer Productions.”

“This event brings everyone together. They love to win prizes together… and the students (appreciate) the event.”

Crane often has trouble arranging space for the event as she can often expect around 500 people to attend. Though this time there was a slightly smaller turnout.

As far as improving the event for next semester, Crane believes the event itself is perfect. However, she does see a need to improve communication so that students can find the building. Many freshmen (and some upperclassmen) did not know where Blackwell Hall is, and they needed to know that it is not in the Grand Ballroom where bingo was previously held.


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