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Four Deep Portfolio

My internship at Four Deep Multimedia has come to an end, and I must admit that I am a little sad that it’s over, because I learned so much and met so many great people. However, I am glad that this experience has given me so much that I can use in the future.

There were various classes and assignments that I feel helped me with this internship. However, the ones that helped the most were Introduction to Computer science, American Government and Politics and Introduction to Communication Studies. In particular, assignments like the weekly three-page essays assigned by Dr. Harbour helped me to write the social media reports that I needed to submit to my on-site supervisor each week. Various assignments from Dr. McElfresh in Introduction to Computer Science placed an emphasis on saving time in Excel using keyboard shortcuts, and this helped a great deal when performing funtions to get data for the social media reports. I also feel that Dr. Farrell’s Introduction to Communication studies class helped me to recognize which communication theories would help me in the various situations in which I found myself .

The challenges that I faced in this intership often took the form of finding out how to get more people to follow our social media accounts. I feel that I, along with the other interns, have addressed this.  It was definitely a group effort, but I felt like I played a crucial role. For example, our Instagram account (which we started from scratch shortly after the start of the internship) reached 94 followers at the time  I left, and it now has 100. Each day, we tried to aim for three posts on Instagram. At first, many of our posts centered around what we had for lunch and tagging the restaraunt in the caption. An example can be seen here:

After assessing our initial posts and realizing we were not reaching as many followers as we had hoped, we decided to move beyond content like this so as not to limit ourselves.   Instead, we  posted a series of pictures featuring the interns and full-time employees with a personal blurb credited to each.  My headshot can be seen here.


Over time at Four Deep, I also found that my responsibilities changed. For example, while I continued to be the primary poster for Twitter and Instagram,  my role as editor on the Four Deep Multimedia Facebook page evolved and I became an analyst instead. This means that I was still able to look at the statistics for the page, but I didn’t  post to it. My reposibilities in this example changed from posting to Facebook to looking at the data that the page generated and compiling it into social media reports. For Twitter, I used the Twitter Analytics feature and TwitterAudit to see how many of our followers were real. I used Socialblade to measure Instagram. The social media reports were written each week and originally turned in on Thursday, but this changed to Wednesday. As can be seen from the first report, I started with analyzing the change in numbers representing how many people followed and were engaging with each account since the beginning of the internship. In the second report (and each subsequent one), I examined the previous week’s progress and compared and contrasted it with the current week. In all of the reports, I offered ideas as to how current situations arose and how to fix various problems.

I think that interning at Four Deep has changed my career search, because it gave me an idea of what it is like to work in an office environment. Previously, I was skeptical of such a thing. I thought it would not be very exciting compared work outside reporting on news, which is what I imagined myself doing when I changd my major to communication studies. However, I found that we were not confined to cubicles, and instead we were in a far more social setting in which we worked towards a common goal. I also now have the skills needed to perform the work needed to improve a company’s social media presence and to work with others to accomplish such a task.

At the beginning of the internship, I had an expectation of what would happen throughout the experience and what I would get out of it. Since Four Deep primarily focuses on Web content like social media and websites, I had hoped to get experience in those as well. I feel that this internship did give me experience in office work, and that it improved my  interpersonal skills. I also think that it improved my skills with using social media. There are many tools offered by each platform that can be used to measure an account’s success, and I would not have learned about them if I had not taken this opportunity. However, I only gained a minimal amount of knowledge about websites. We had originally planned to do lesson in which one of the higher up employees would talk to us about making them using Webflow, but we never got around to that. Instead, we did the wireframe drawings for the sites and watched video tutorials.

In addition to the aforementioned social media reports, I also collected information for them from the anlaytics pages on each platform. The Twitter data can be seen here, and this is the data from the Facebook page. I also have three pictures from the internship here.

I would suggest Four Deep Multimedia to someone who wants to pick up an internship, especially one in marketing. This experience gave me an opportunity to see how an office environment works, and how to work with others to accomplish a goal in said environment. It was an excellent networking opportunity, and I am glad I took it.


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