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Four Deep Journal #5: The Classes That Helped Me

Throughout my time working as a social media specialist intern at Four Deep Multimedia, I have found that many of my classes from Longwood University, as well as other schools, have helped me to succeed in this position. However, the classes from Longwood that I feel have helped me the most are Introduction to Communication Studies, American Government and Politics and Introduction from Computer Science.

COMM 200, Introduction to Communication Studies, taught me various communication theories that I was able to use during this internship. Since I am a social media intern, the most important of these was probably the Social Information Processing Theory by Joseph Walter. This theory holds that people can mantain social interaction through a virtual medium just as they would in real life. In the early days of the Internet, skeptics doubted the ability of computers to provide any benefit outside of a business environment. However, Walter discovered that when someone communicates through a computer, also called “Computer Mediated Communication” or “CMC” for short, they are able to adapt to this “cues filtered out” form of communication. Since much of my job at Four Deep involves figuring out how to engage people on social media, this is a very useful theory to know.

Another class that I have found to be helpful is POSC-150, American Government and Politics. This is particularly because each week I needed to write a different three page essay. This helped me learn how to write the reports on social media that I needed to turn in each Wednesday. The former were much longer than my social media reports, which only had to cover the various social media platforms that the company uses. Despite the difference in word count, these political science reports helped me to find out how to focus, get information quickly and turn it into a report that I can present to a supervisor.

The final class that I feel helped me is Introduction to Computer Science, CMSC 121. Since the reports on our company’s social media growth often required lookng at spreadsheets, the keyboard shortcuts and Excell features that I learned in this class saved me a lot of time.

Many of my classes have offered me lessons that I used at this internship. However, the ones that have helped me the most are CMSC 121, COMM 200 and POSC 150.


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