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Four Deep Journal #2

Four weeks of working at Four Deep Multimedia as a social media specialist have brought new challenges and learning opportunities. On Monday the 20th, I gave a short presentation in which I laid out my ideas for the company’s social media strategy. These focused around creating an engaging social media presence that would encourage users to see it as fun to interact with. We also created wireframe drawings for the Friends of Evergreen Cemetery website. One of the other interns and I also started watching the video tutorials for Webflow, the website that Four Deep uses to build other websites. In total, the week on June 20th covered 21 hours.

The next week, we took a trip to the Live Nation location in Virginia Beach to meet one of the Four Deep employees’ contacts, as a learning experience. We took a tour of the facility and discussed the marketing tactics and finances that go into running the venue. Also as a learning experience, we sat down with Nikki Loescher, the Senior Marketing Manager of SMG and discussed her work experience and the marketing strategy behind her company. SMG runs the Richmond Coliseum, Altria Theater, Dominion Arts Center, and Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center, and will be a client of Four Deep for refining their website and social media presence. On the topic of the Richmond Coliseum, I made a wireframe drawing of an idea for their website and that of the CVBCA, a local housing development association. I also wrote a report on the social media progress made by Four Deep and James Johnson, a local gospel singer who is a Four Deep client. I will be turning in one of these each Thursday, and I have started a tutorial for Gephi, a program that creates a web to illustrate a network of data points. The team and I met with Johnson to discuss an upcoming photoshoot, which was shot the next day. I also made a list of local restaurants that were participating in Burger Week, and spoke to Brenden and Sophia about the possible graphic design choices to use in our Burger Week Instagram post.


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