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Four Deep Journal #1

After two weeks working as a social media intern at Four Deep Multimedia, I am able to write about what I have done so far.

In the first week, the team of social media interns spoke with David Anderson, the founder of Foundation Academy Basketball. Anderson needs his social media marketing strategy and website to be redone, and the former needs to be made to run more simply. Since he is expanding to sports other than basketball, his logo will likely have to be redesigned. We also spoke to Jerry Robinson from Jerry’s Backyard Barbacue Sauce. Both his website and social media strategy will need to be updated. Outside of the office, we went to Richmond Preparatory School to take pictures for their website when we update it. Finally, we narrowed down the nonprofits we will contact about helping to SAFE Chesterfield, a drug abuse rehabilitation center. However, they are in the process of moving their offices, and their representative sounded skeptical on the phone about getting into a new marketing campaign at the same time as the move.

On the second week, we focused more on our own personal marketing. We made new LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the company, and refined the Facebook page. Once we had posted a sufficient amount of content to each of these, we shared them and followed out clients and businesses on the same street as us. We also began to use Basecamp 3, the productivity software that Four Deep uses for coordinating company activity.


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