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3 Things I Found Interesting from #E32016

Another Electronic Entertainment Expo ( or “E3“) has come and gone. The annual video game trade conference presents a good

Two of the most interesting things at E3, in my opinion, happened before the conference. Electronic Arts announced that it would not be at E3, and would instead host its own event, “EA Play.” There has always been noises made about E3’s eventual downfall, but this time they seem more legitimate. Activision pulled out, as well.

Another interesting event that happened just before E3 is the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Neo, which did not appear at E3. With Microsoft announcing the Xbox One S (a slimmer version) and Project Scorpio (the more powerful version) at the conference, this also raises questions about the lifespan of this console generation. Gamespot‘s Lucy James and Dave Jewitt spoke with YouTube creator Matthew “MatPat” Patrick about this, and how Project Scorpio (which will be released later) will make the Xbox One S obsolete.


Another revelation from E3 is the return of Hideo Kojima, complete with an incredible entrance during the Sony presentation:


Those of you who followed the Metal Gear director’s departure from the franchise’s publisher, Konami, know how dramatic it was. Kojima left the company after 30 years, due to mistreatment at the company. As a nail in the coffin, Konami prevented Kojima from attending The Game Awards to accept Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s awards. His development studio, Kojima Productions, is now an independent studio

Kojima revealed a PlayStation 4 exclusive called Death Stranding, a game that stars The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. Reedus was previously going to be the star of Kojima’ Silent Hills, which Konami canceled. Silent Hills would have been the latest installment in the Silent Hill franchise.

This trailer has confused everyone, and Kojima remains cryptic in interviews.

E3 2017 will start on June 13 and run until June 15, so mark your calendars!


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