Longwood hosts International Affairs Week

A version of this story appeared in The Rotunda (archive).

This week, the Lankford Student Union is hosting International Education Week. However, the study abroad program is not the only program covered by this event. Emma Kauffman, the education support specialist for the Office of International Affairs, explained that the services shown there also help Longwood’s foreign students. Kauffman also noted that she “really just wanted to bring attention to what our office does, because (she does not) think people really understand the branches of” the Office of International Affairs, “and what (the) office does.”

Tuesday was the Reception and Culture Showcase where three different countries were represented by foreign exchange students: the People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia and India. Susan Wu, a Chinese sophomore majoring in accounting, described the numerous respected universities that China has to offer, as well as the wide variety of majors available from them. She is at Longwood for a three-month stay. Feris Alotaidi is a student from Saudi Arabia, and he has been studying criminal justice for a year.

There are a myriad of scholarships available for students who wish to study abroad, from Longwood and also from outside of the university. For example, one Longwood scholarship is the Study Abroad Adventure Scholarship, and external scholarships are offered by organizations such as Phi Kappa Phi.

There were also a few speakers from the Office of International Affairs, and they gave speeches about the event and the importance of study abroad programs in educating the public and forging tolerance. Some statements were made about the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the importance of tolerance and mutual understanding in the wake of such events, and how traveling as a part of one’s studies contributes to mutual understanding.

The Office of International Affairs encourages anyone who wishes to study abroad to do their research and fill out one of Longwood’s study abroad applications.


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