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Lancers Pin Up Longwood’s Interests

This originally appeared in The Rotunda

Lancer Productions’ most recent event was Pinterest night, in which students made crafts reminiscent of those seen on the photo sharing website. There were maybe thirty or so people packed into the Lankford Student Union Ballroom to make crafts and eat cake while watching Easy A.

There were five different activities for the event’s attendees to take part in. These included making picture frames, painting chalkboards, coloring pictures of Minions from the Despicable Me movies and painting mason jars.

Colby Burford and Ashley Specht, both from Lancer Productions, were coloring Minion pictures. Burford, a freshman, was coloring a picture of a Minion with a guitar. Specht, on the other hand, was coloring a picture of a Minion inspired by the French Revolution.

Nicole Gilson, on the other hand, was painting a paper plate in order to make a picture frame by cutting out the bottom. Taylor Balton, however, had decided to create a pattern with the streamers by laying them on the cloth, then spraying them with water so that the color transferred.

The whole event was under the control of Caroline Crane, Lancer Productions’ Late Night Director and a sophomore. She says, however, that she did not actually come up with the idea herself, and that “Pinterest Night was started by a previous director, and I was just told about it, and it is a super fun activity for people to do on Friday or Saturday night, so we just continue the tradition.”

Despite this, the event is kept fresh and original each year with new crafts. Crane says that “The only repetitive one we have is the mason jar activity, where you spray paint or chalk paint, because it was really popular last year.” However, that means some difficult decisions had to be made about which activities remained. “Last semester, we had cork boards, we let people make little cork boards, and then we also had… little flower pot picture frames.”


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